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Bird Watching

Admire, contemplate, and delight: the essence of bird observation. At Alma de La Janda, you can fully experience bird watching, engaging all your senses. This activity allows you to immerse yourself in the sounds of nature, guided by an expert in the habitat of owls, buzzards, barn owls, kites, and other species.


An invitation to explore the flora and fauna of the surrounding area and immerse oneself in a distinctive hunting experience. The property offers an abundance of species, making it a privileged location for hunting enthusiasts.



When nature speaks, the best thing we can do is listen. Nature’s colors, melodies and sensations create the perfect backdrop for disconnecting from the outside world and nurturing our inner selves. Alma de La Janda boasts a wide variety of spaces for practicing yoga, both outdoors and indoors.

Equestrian Activities

Embark on a journey through nature atop a horse, meandering through the estate on leisurely rides and reconnecting with the earth as in times past. At Alma de La Janda, you will have the opportunity to explore the property accompanied by a specialized guide who will lead the way.



The day-to-day or routine in the workplace can often lead to a disconnection from the natural environment. That’s why Alma de La Janda offers a unique setting to organize work sessions, where the beauty of the surroundings can help inspire and rejuvenate minds.

Rural Tourism

Alma de la Janda offers endless experiences in nature to enjoy rural tourism in all its versions. From the historical and cultural wealth of the place, the harmony of the environment, the plurality of flora and fauna or the gastronomic offer of the region.